Mat Fraser’s Cabinet of Curiosities: How disability was kept in a box

An excellent essay … and fabulous-sounding show.

Wellcome Trust Blog

Do museums adequately reflect the whole of society? Actor and performance artist Mat Fraser shares his thoughts on the subject of disability in museums in his new live show, Cabinet of Curiosities – How Disability was kept in a box. The show presents Mat’s experience of looking through the archives of the Science Museum, the Hunterian Museum and the Royal College of Physicians as part of a wider project looking at the way society responds to difference. We asked him what museums could do to be more inclusive. 

It has been a fascinating process poring over the archives of these museums, finding evidence of disabled people, some, if not most of which is buried in the footnotes of displays about other things. But there are many objects that cry out to be presented with the fully rounded history that they deserve.

The unknown prosthetic leg, repaired so many times it…

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