Locating Li Yuan Chia.

John Rylands Library Special Collections Blog

The past month has seen the Visual Collections Team rummaging through the unclassified archive of artist Li Yuan Chia searching for images for an exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan scheduled for March 2014.

The Imaging Department were asked to supply digital copies of 48 photographs, which Li had taken, and we were tasked with finding them.  It was a cold and rather daunting project as the archive is housed in the stacks and stretches through numerous boxes, which contained not just photographs, but photographic negatives, contact sheets, notebooks, letters and articles.  “Contained in a few boxes of brown cardboard lie the elaborate pre-histories of his practices as an artist in all its diversity amid the residue of the life he lived.” [S. Halkyard, PN Review 185, PP. 8-11].

LYC outside museumLi Yuan Chia (1929-94) was a poet-artist-calligrapher-photographer, founder and curator of the LYC Museum.  He lived in China, Taiwan…

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