Today was my first “full” day in the Museum of Medicine and Health collections (Stopford Building, University of Manchester). The wonderful Heritage Officer, Stephanie, pointed me in the right direction, and I followed the long list of suggested artefacts typed out for me by Peter Mohr (previous Honorary Curator). The collection is divided by subject/ practice area, but for the exhibition I want us to rethink these categories. The materiality of the artefacts inspires curiosity: glass, ceramic, leather, textile, brass, platinum, wood, plastic, and contained within velvet lined casings. Style and craftsmanship seemed to prevail above sterile hygienic conditions with some of these early forms of medical technology. Intriguingly, many of the items belonged to the Department of Art and Medicine (a department no longer in existence). I need to root a bit more ….


glass ware

ceramic ware



silk worm gut



tongue depressors



penicillin slides


anatomical plates

leeches delivery

elec machine




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