Taking control of our histories – Wonder Women 2016

Great article; nice ref to [DWAN] 😉

between the land and i

The word FEMINIST puts fear in many people’s hearts.

The stigma attached to identifying as a feminist (especially for men) has become increasingly frustrating, with militant angry man hater stereotypes creating dangerous social divides. Many people have lost sight of what feminism, or what identifying as a feminist actually means, creating hesitation and an increasing inclination to support from the shadows. However, with nationwide festivals celebrating women history becoming more prevalent and high profile ambassadors such as Emma Watson (who is currently taking a year off to focus on feminist activism), these issues are becoming more mainstream, making women’s issues more accessible for those who feel intimidated by the dreaded “F” word. The UN’s HeforShe initiative particularly brings the term feminism back to its origins – equality for all, and creating a positive balance between all genders.

Wonder Women is…

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