The inspirational Delia Derbyshire

A cool review of DDDay2016 & Archiving Women’s Performance Practice.


It was really exciting and uplifting to attend the event “Archiving Women’s Performance Practice”, run by Delia Derbyshire Day and [DWAN] and hosted at HOME in Manchester.

The evening was a mix of talks, performance and discussion all revolving about creative women’s presence in and use of archives.  In the RNCM Archives, we have a few pretty amazing women represented but most of the collections are of men and I am really conscious about how many archives of women have been lost, dismissed or simply not created.

The evening did not disappoint. Chock full of amazing women with wonderful ideas and insights into archives.

Caro C talked about being an artist and interacting with archives, in particular that of Delia Derbyshire held at Manchester University. Derbyshire was a pioneer of electronic music in the 1960s and her papers at the University are brilliant, containing the graphic scores she wrote…

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