[Journal article, forthcoming] “A Concrete House & its Photographic Portrait”, Parallax Journal: Concrete, Routledge 2015.

[Book chapter, forthcoming] “Digital Sculptures/ Digital Visitors @ MOSI”, in Museums and Visitor Photography, MuseumsEtc 2015.

“Derek Jarman’s Blue: Negating the Visual”, Journal of Applied Arts & Health,  Volume 3, Number 3, 1 January 2013 , pp. 295-307

Review, “Colour my Well-Being: Applied Arts and Health Conference, The University of Northamption: An International Conference Exploring Colour within Applied Arts, Health and Well-Being”,  Journal of Applied Arts & Health,  Volume 3, Number 2, 23 August 2012 , pp. 229-234.

Review: “William Etty: Art and Controversy, York Art Gallery (June 2011–January 2012)William Etty: Art and Controversy edited by Sarah Burnage, Mark Hallett and Laura Turner”, Journal of Visual Culture in Britain, Vol. 13, Issue 2., 2012, pp. 272-274.

“People, Spaces, Collections: Art and Learning at The Manchester Museum”, co-authored with Kate Day, The Go-Between Vol 1, University of Glamorgan, 2009.

Online Resources:

– Extended Project Qualification resource, Engaging with Visual Culture:

– Young Persons University of Manchester, Understanding the Senses:

– New resource development (internal), GLOs (Generative Learning Objects) for Department of Combined Studies, and Archaeology on: The Body (in AHVS), The Fairytale (in Literary Studies), Museum Collections

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